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    About Romain Bayle                     


Romain Bayle has been working in the VFX industry for over 18 years.

Over these years, he has built a strong background as a 3D artist as well as  a very good knowledge of compositing and concept art.

Romain won VES award in 2009 in the category "Outstanding Matte Paintings in a Feature Motion Picture" for his work with  Abel Milanes , Allan Lee and Debora Dunphy on Changelling on Clint Eastwood's movie: Changeling - 1928 Downtown L.A.

Passionate about photography, hes been using this tool mixed with his 3d experience and illustration skills to create complex 3d matte paintings, his objective being to create images with maximum visual impact at the highest quality.

From 2d digital matte painting to full CG environment, his pipeline allows him to deliver prebuilt nuke script to give your comp team all the controls needed to finalize the work.

Romain now offers offsite services in CG environment, matte painting and concept art from his home studio located in British Colombia, Canada.

Please contact him for further information.